…what is changing and how it works, why it matters and when it doesn’t.


...we don’t plan on stopping until the web is instant...

Google_Gospel.Speed/Urs Hoelzle/Fast>Slow_search+guru

If you don’t like customers, you’re in the wrong business.

Executive_Insight/Marty St. George/JetBlue+social.media_interview

... we need to invent ways of doing our jobs faster than ever.

The.Insider_Column/Paul Gunning/Marketing+Insights_Tribal.DDB.real+time+revolution

…put more wood behind fewer arrows.

Start-Up.Speed/Kristen Gil/biz.ops+holy_grail.lessons

...try to imagine the edges of possibility...

Not_So.Fast/Jeff Jarvis/lagging+behind_tech

...the world’s most watched conversation was held between two baby boys


…focus on creating an overall relevance edge...

Branding_in.Mind/Tjaco Walvis/speed+of.thought_decision.making

...in the imagination business, speed is your friend.

Speed_of.Dream/Astro Teller/think.big+go+fast_imagination.technology

Nuggets of data inspired by the theme of Speed.


...it makes no sense to pretend that phones don’t exist.

Recoding.the_Classroom/Andrea Kurland/bringing.education+to_internet.speed

... a sense of optimism that is uplifting for designers and developers alike.

HTML.5_Insight/Caroline McCarthy/everything+you+need.to_know

…most of human achievement is the product of idleness...

The_Slow.Manifesto/Aldred Leatherworth/Jo.Miller+The+Daily+Show.humor

…Beyoncé’s pregnancy can generate 8,868 tweets in a single second.

First_In_First+Out/Cyrus Shahrad/early.adopters+first.droppers_marketing

…I fell in love with a sailfish.

The_Knowledge/Frank Stephenson/inspiration.trends+technologies_supercar++design

Everything depends on science…

The_Light.Fantastic/Matt Bochenski/Rolf.Dieter+Heuer_CERN_Director.General+Light+Speed

…tortoises beating hares in high-stakes business races.

The_High.Tech+Tortoise/Leslie Berlin/First_isn’t.everything+Silicon+Valley_history

Which video caught on the quickest?


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